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Caroline Tuiolosega

The Why & How of Literature Circles

There are probably as many ways to do literature circles as there are teachers. Over time, I have worked out my own formula for conducting these small, peer-led discussion groups. Read more about my classroom-tested method here!


The Power of Latin & Greek Roots

Did you know that over 60% of all English words have Latin or Greek Roots? According to author and education consultant Michael Clay Thompson, “Learning the 100 most common Latin and Greek stems in English give you access to at least 5,000 words!” You can not teach every word, but you can teach word roots that help unlock the meaning of multiple words.

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Spelling matters - even in middle school!

Once in middle school, spelling is typically lumped with other English conventions when evaluated – this includes standardized tests. The reality is, however, that spelling matters. The same knowledge that makes for good spelling - the connection between letters and sounds - is the foundation to reading and writing. This blog post makes the case for continued spelling instruction in middle school.

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