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Caroline Tuiolosega

Teaching Special Needs Students in the Regular Classroom

The best practices of working with special needs students are simply sound teaching practices that are bound to help all students. This post, written in collaboration with veteran special education teacher Ruth McEwen,  gives advice and tips based on years of experience on teaching special needs students in the regular classroom.

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Can you learn classroom management?

The simple answer is yes, and to be an effective teacher you must. A classroom out of control is bad for everyone in it. If you are a new teacher or a teacher who is still refining their classroom management, this post is for you.

classroom management

Spelling matters - even in middle school!

Once in middle school, spelling is typically lumped with other English conventions when evaluated – this includes standardized tests. The reality is, however, that spelling matters. The same knowledge that makes for good spelling - the connection between letters and sounds - is the foundation to reading and writing. This blog post makes the case for continued spelling instruction in middle school.

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