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After 30 some-odd years as an educator, I have created this teacher blog to share resources, ideas, and activities for the upper elementary through middle school classroom. Thanks for stopping by!

Caroline Tuiolosega

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Why read the classics?

 Looking for a novel to share with your students? With more than 10,000 young adult novels published annually, the choices are vast. With  such an extensive collection, there is certainly something for every niche and for everyone.  I would suggest, however, that you look no further than the classics. Why read the classics? This post gives 5 reasons why classic literature benefits students.

why read the classics rigor

Teaching Special Needs Students in the Regular Classroom

 With approximately 15% of students identified as special needs, it's a necessity that the regular classroom teacher finds ways to meet the needs of these students. The good news is that the best practices of working with special needs students are simply sound teaching practices that are bound to help all students. 

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My Homeschooling Experience

It was never my intention to homeschool my children. At my core and as a professional teacher, I am a firm believer in public education, but my family’s life circumstances led me to be a homeschooler for almost a year. This post is about my experience homeschooling and my takeaways from the experience.

homeschooling experience island

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