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Caroline Tuiolosega

Teaching Poetry to Kids

Do you find poetry difficult? Inaccessible? Or, worse yet, boring?  Read this post and learn the benefits of studying poetry along with my classroom-tested approach to teaching poetry to kids, some direction on poetry selection, and a few ideas to help make poetry accessible and enjoyable.


Educational Costumes: Dressing up with a Purpose

When students create costumes, they invest time, imagination and play into their idea, making the learning stick. So, why not incorporate costumes into the learning? 

In this post, you’ll find a handful of educational costume ideas.


Can you learn classroom management?

 The simple answer is yes, and to be an effective teacher you must. A classroom out of control is bad for everyone in it. If you are a new teacher or a teacher who is still refining their classroom management, this post is for you.-led discussion groups. Read more about my classroom-tested method here!


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